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What is vibrational medicine exactly? It seems to be a buzz word in the natural health arena these days, and is much maligned by some health practitioners from the allopathic world.

Vibrational, or energy, medicine can include modalities such as homoeopathy, acupuncture, colour therapy, energy healing, flower essences, crystal therapy, sound therapy, Taiji, Qigong, Yoga, amongst others.

Still baffled? Well, energy medicine works with the concept that the human being is not just a bag of skin, muscles, organs, blood and bones. As well as the physical body we also have an energetic system which connects us to the wider energy of the universe and that the underlying cause of illness on a physical level can also be due to blockages in the energy system.

Traditional Asian medicine has thought this to be true for thousands of years. The understanding of the energy system, in combination with well grounded physical medicines, assists the body to heal at a much deeper and more sustained level. It is now well known, and widely accepted even by mainstream medicine, that the mind creates all sorts of physical processes in the body, stress being one that’s very well highlighted at the moment. All your emotional states have some kind of effect; laughter boosts the immune system, depression suppresses it, restlessness can cause insomnia, anger heart problems, stress, fear or panic stimulates the adrenals which in turn causes all sorts of physical processes to occur.

Still not convinced? Try this visualization… imagine you are picking a bright yellow, juicy lemon fresh from a lemon tree. You smell its fresh lemony scent, peel it and divide it into segments. You put a piece  into your mouth and eat it it.

Now what is going on in your mouth physically? Usually  people experience salivation and sensation in the mouth and tongue as if you had in fact sucked that lemon!!!! Mental processes (especially memories) deeply affect the physical body whether we like it or not.

Vibrational medicine focuses on bringing the emotional, mental and energetic state into balance and harmony to assist the body to be healthy. This is done through an awareness of how physical parts of the body relate to, are affected by and store emotional energies.

For instance, a client with throat problems such as constant tonsillitis, apart from needing physical things to alleviate symptoms, would also need to look at why they seem to suffer from throat problems all the time. Energetically one would look to see where creative and self expression is being blocked, make changes and offer treatment to free this up so that the physical symptoms can stop returning. This could involve prescribing vibrational medicines such as Agrimony, Bluebell or Lapis Lazuli essences to open up the energy centres in the throat and release the blockage causing the physical illness. The client may also need to learn to express themselves more freely or to learn to know when the body needs to rest. By combining these techniques with physical treatment the illness can be eased and prevented from reoccurring.

Catherine Opie Dip CVM, GHM trained in the UK and has been a natural health practitioner for over 15 years as well as working for a large, international, natural medicine company in the UK. She currently lives on Waiheke Island where she co owns Balanced Energy Beauty Spa+Health Clinic.

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