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This is what I want to be doing more of!

Here’s a personal question: How do you really feel about yourself and your life as we enter 2013 the year of the Snake? I know we are all very “everythings great with me…look” on facebook and sometimes it is. Sometimes its not though.

The last few months have been both a difficult and a transformational time for me as I look deep into myself to see what’s really going on. I have realised, through the difficulties thrown into my path, that some big changes need to happen this year for me to regain something I have lost over the past few years.

During the last three years Balanced Energy has been in the process of setting up three new businesses: The Balanced Energy Clinic, The Balanced Energy Studio and the Balanced Energy products that we make. Add to this a complete move of our operations and home from Waiheke Island to Whangaparaoa and the usual demands of a family life with young children whilst trying to manage a relationship in there somewhere…

I think I have given myself too much to do! And I’m not having any fun doing it! AAAAAARRRGGGHHHH! Heeeeelp!

Due to working 7 days a week ( often late into the night) to get things completed, combined with travels around New Zealand doing Expos I am exhausted.  I’ve put on weight from doing a lot of very sedentary administration work and the stress cortisol from the endless chaos of starting up these businesses during a recession. I race from office- to clinic- to school- to clinic and back to the office in the car (due to self imposed restrictions on my time) and get no exercise. My 6am Yoga practice has dwindled down to turning off the alarm to get another hours sleep instead. I spend very little time meditating. Worst of all I have not been socialising… do I need to go on? I am sure this is  familiar for many other people. Literally there is no time for ME to have fun in all this!

The last time I worked my self too hard (in my mid 20’s)  I had a health collapse. I definitely do not want to make the same mistake again. After that time, for about 15 years, I was a strict vegetarian, didn’t take any drugs (including pharmaceuticals), didn’t drink alcohol, dairy, coffee or black tea, didn’t eat sugar and took great care with my health and my skin. Nearly all my food was organic, even some of my clothes were organic! I practiced Yoga and meditation for several hours a day as well as working part time for myself, part time for a natural health company and still managed to have an active and fun social life and to perform as a dancer. And I began to look younger, the clock was literally ticking backwards.

At the moment I have coffee nearly every day, my diet is not ideal for me (eating way too much sugar) and don’t get enough exercise or nearly enough laughs. This year I had exczema on my eyelids that would not shift for 6 months- this is something new I have not experienced before.

“Hang on a moment” I hear you say, “aren’t you Balanced Energy?”.

Exactly the point I am making. I am a poor example for my clients. How can I even possibly think to be giving any one else any advice on health and well being unless I am practicing what I preach?

The last few months have brought me to a point where I have decided to spend 2013 adjusting  life and work to suit me rather than adjusting myself to suit it and the demands of everyone else.

This means eating really healthy food and detoxing, exercising to levels of fitness I have experienced before this,  socialising, dancing (which I absolutely love and would wither away and die without), playing with my daughter, having fun with my partner…get the picture? WHILST still co-creating Balanced Energy in all its lovely forms, after all this is what I wanted to create, I just need to get back to what’s important.

I am taking a leaf out of my own book, but this will mean having to change some really bad patterns I have slipped insidiously into.

Every day I will be posting something about my journey, for 365 days… one whole year. The only way I can even see that I might be able to do this is if I feel like someone else is watching to see if I make it.

Let’s see if I can take my own advice and walk my talk back into the lifestyle we advocate for everyone else! Only this time I don’t think it’ll be quite so extreme… I still need to have fun, be real and be soft. Everything in moderation.

Here we go…. there are so many things I want to do in this life and stress is not one of them!

Watch this spot…things could change all of a sudden for no particular reason other than I have a strong feeling it must.

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