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“I am curious about your opinions on anxiety. I believe one way to overcome some of our challenges is to drag them out into the light” Rod Hadley ,Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc

My answer by Henri Venturini:

My experience of anxiety suffers is that:
Stage 1 anxiety, my clients are struggling to control events in their lives, as a way to minimise the expected outcomes from such events.

The perception is that unknown outcomes are to be feared, because there is a belief that there is a possibility that these outcomes will impact on my client’s ability to learn from events in their lives (we all know that, when we are learning from events in our life, we feel that we are increasing our value or self-worth to ourselves and others within our life).

Stage 2 anxiety suffers feel that it is the act of controlling events and outcomes in our life that is the problem, they feel that it is the mind and feelings that are the problem, thereby creating a loop. Fearing the events and fearing the process of controlling of the events.

The only way to resolve these issues permanently is education.

1. A belief has to be introduced that we are always learning from all events in our life and that we are always increasing our value and self-worth, and most importantly that events will always be present in our life, regardless of what we are doing or not doing!!!.

2. The client has to be encouraged to focus on ‘ HOW DOES THE OUTCOME OF AN EVENT IN MY LIFE FEEL, AND WHAT DID I LEARN FROM IT” (wisdom). This will shift the client’s focus from controlling the event, to experiencing the event. The process will take some time, however I have had very positive results with this method.

Henri-noel Venturini

Henri-noel Venturini

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