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Sally Cook, Balanced Energy Nia Teacher

Learn to become aware of the ‘Voice of your Body’. 

The first principle of the first level of training in Nia is ‘The Joy of Movement’ and this is the basis of all Nia – to be in enjoyment whilst moving.  However, in order to do this fully and successfully, we actually have to be conscious of our body, our whole body, of how we are moving – internally and externally.  We need to tune into the sensations of pleasure and joy and we need to tune into signs of discomfort as well.  Once we are fully conscious of our body sensations in every moment, then we can begin to ‘hear’ when our body needs something, to ‘tweak’ or change what we are doing in order to get back to joy and pleasure.   The obvious benefits of being aware of the “voice of your body” in every moment is that you will notice immediately if you are moving in a way which is not comfortable which may cause damage or further pain and you can alter the movement to correct this.

Nia is a dance/fitness class with a difference as it takes into account the need to be aware of the body to prevent injury. Developed by Debbie and Carlos Rosas, who were at the forefront of the aerobics craze in the 70’s and 80’s, Nia is a combination of movements derived from martial arts, dance, yoga and tai chi and is designed to stimulate the body in a way that will not cause injury. It is a whole health fitness class led by a teacher including cardio, stretching, strengthening and mind focussing movements. All enjoyed to a stunning soundtrack of  smooth grooves! What more could you want?! Nia classes are taught at Balanced Energy Studio by Sally Cook.

At the Balanced Energy Studio you can tryyour first class for free, after this you can sign up as a member for only $10 per week, and attend as many classes as you want. For more information and to see timetables click here.

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