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We all know that you do not need to be a model to be beautiful, beauty shines out from anyone who feels really good about themselves. We all have great qualities but, instead of enhancing and accentuating our best features, we often focus on trying to hide the bad ones. After hearing image stylist Susana Sarmiento from La Qua Image speak about how she finds women tend to dress to cover up I began thinking about other areas in our lives where we do this.

As a former makeup artist for photography, stage and film, I often notice that women also wear their makeup as a cover-up, rather than using it to enhance and bring out their best features in a natural, glowing way. We often try to emulate other famous people rather than shining our own individual light. To me everybody is different and unique, and I love the challenge of facilitating a class or private session so that clients recognise they have a lovely, healthy body and can achieve many things they felt they couldn’t before. How many times a day do you tell yourself that you are lovely? Or good at something? At Balanced Energy our main focus is to treat everyone as if they are special and to send them back out into the world feeling happy about their lives, their bodies and themselves and enhance health and wellbeing on all levels.

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