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Beauty Tip of the Week

The benefits of water on the skin

Ashleigh Cartmell, Balanced Energy Skin Health Consultant

The benefits of drinking water for skin – and body – are numerous. It’s true! You’ve heard it many times before… drink lots of water. But will water really improve the appearance of your skin?  The answer is yes it can.

Enzymes naturally found within the top layer of the skin are totally reliant on water in order to remain active, and are responsible for carrying out a large number of functions within the skin.  If the water levels of the top layer of the skin fall below optimum levels, the action of these enzymes is inhibited and the skin begins to suffer, this is then reflected in the appearance and texture of the skin.

Without the proper action of theses enzymes, the skin cells fail to mature completely and therefore fail to shed in a normal, healthy way, this can result in skin disorders.

Further down in the skin enzymes trigger the skin cells to release the water and lipids they carry, the water and lipids then naturally separate and form thin layers (bi-layers) that lie between the layers of the skin cells.

These bi-layers play an important role in maintaining optimum water levels in the top layers of the skin by slowing down the rate at which water evaporates from our skin.

Enzymes are also responsible for keeping the lipids found within the bi-layers liquid, it’s not hard to imagine what happens to the look and the feel of the skin when insufficient water levels result in this soft, ointment-like liquid transforming into hard, grainy crystals. When the lipids in the bi-layers are in liquid form they have consistency and appearance of a transparent gel with a soft, glossy texture, these liquids lipids also have amazing ability to reflect light, which is why a well- hydrated skin appears radiant and has a smooth silky texture.

By looking after yourself, drinking plenty of water internally, and by hydrating the skin externally you can also achieve healthy glowing skin all year round and for time to come.

Ashleigh works as a skin health consultant at the Balanced Energy Beauty Spa + Health Clinic in Whangaparaoa, Auckland, New Zealand where we love to assist your skin to be beautiful, healthy and glowing. Contact Ashleigh for advice or an appointment and to find out about our Zazen water purification systems.


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