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 “Go with the Flow”

Angela Van Trijp, Balanced Energy Massage Consultant

Balanced Energy “Path of No Resistance” blend brings in the balanced energies of the Water Element enabling you to take a step back, helping with panic and stress. This blend promotes a deep sense of calm and allows for your creative and vibrancy to flow more readily.  It is useful for someone that is having difficulty in finding their inner direction or purpose in life.

Path of no Resistance brings the courage to achieve goals that you have set for yourself and can be used to rebalance energy in the body, aura, a room or to clear a sick room. It is ideal for using while or after someone has been sick with the flu or a virus. Containing certified organic Eucalyptus to help clear the sinuses, and kill any air born bacteria or viruses, lavender, coriander with flower, gem and crystal essences.

The balanced aspects of the water element are:

Calm, confident, contained, courage, creativity, emotional balance, perseverance, relating, resolution.

Imbalances of the water element may be presented as:

Careless, cautious, frustration, disloyal, panic, paranoia, phobia’s, reckless, insecurity, superstition, terror.

At Balanced Energy we retail handy 30ml Mist sprays of this fragrantblend to fit conveniently in your hand bag so you can spray around you all day, every day to bring in deep calm, emotional balance and courage.

Angela ia avaialable for consultations or advice at the Balanced Energy Beauty Spa+Health Clinic in Whangaparaoa, Auckland, New Zealand

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