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Certified Organic Teas

"Better to be without food for three days than tea for one"- ancient tea proverb

Teapot WebAll BE Spa Teas are made from high quality, certified organic camellia sinensis. Wherever possible we source from New Zealand, or direct from the grower internationally. There are no added flavourings or synthetic ingredients in BE Spa Teas, only high quality, deliciously natural tea which has a delicate and distinct flavour profile of it’s very own. Tea has many amazing properties and is known to be high in antioxidants (substances which may fight cancer-causing “free radicals”) especially green and white tea. It may also detoxify poisons and help the skin to hydrate.Try adding peppermint, slices of ginger or lemon for a refreshing pick me up mid morning or afternoon.


Zealong New Zealand Tea- The purest in the world

Zealong Tea is grown here in New Zealand, certified organic and has won awards overseas for its premium flavour, quality and purity (the purest tea in the world!).
There are five very fine flavours to choose from:

Zealong Organic Green Tea

Is a smooth, silky liquor, with a rich taste of floral notes, toasted chestnuts and a subtle sweet finish.

Zealong Organic Pure Oolong Tea

These sweet, fresh-tasting leaves are unroasted, bringing out the pure, natural flavour of the tea.

Zealong Organic Aromatic Oolong Tea

Leaves are briefly roasted at high temperatures, producing a clear aroma and taste, with a hint of fruit and flowers.

Zealong Organic Dark Oolong Tea

Longer roasting gives these leaves a rich, deep taste and a hint of charcoal on the nose, yet no bitterness.

Zealong Organic Black Tea

Is a full-bodied, deep-amber liquor with a sweet, honeyed undertone and smooth, silky finish.


Other Organic Teas from around the world:


Gunpowder Green Tea

This classic tea from China is hand picked, steamed, fermented and each individual leaf is rolled into a tiny ball which unfurls when you add boiling water. With a fragrant slightly smoky flavour and scent this tea is a pleasure to drink. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *Gunpowder green tea camellia sinensis. T 79-85C

Houjicha Green Tea

A Japanese green tea made from the very young shoots of the Sencha plant, fermented and roasted this low caffeine tea has an unusual nutty flavour. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *Houjicha green tea. T 71-76C

Jasmine Green Tea

This certified organic green tea from China has a lovely, refreshing Jasmine taste from being cured alongside fragrant jasmine blossoms. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *Green tea camellia sinensis with jasmine. T 79-85C

Oolong Tea

Meaning “Black Dragon” Oolong is enjoyed by people who want the health benefits of a green tea but don’t like the semi bitter taste. It is unique because it is semi oxidised and partially fermented. Has anti-oxidant properties. T 76-93C
Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *Oolong tea

White Tea

This tea (originating from China) is grown in India and is the first, handpicked, special cut of one shoot and two young leaves. It is sun dried, lightly oxidised and baked without breaking the leaves to preserve its delicate flavor and antioxidant nature. Ingredients (*certified organic): *White Tea camellia sinensis Bai Mudan or Golden Eyebrow. T 71-76C


Fine Tea Making Tips

To obtain the best flavor and prevent bitterness when making camellia tea, we advise using approximately 1g of tea per cup of water.
Pour on water at the correct temperature (see each tea description) and steep the tea for 2 minutes (one minute for Zealong Teas) approximately. Strain the tea and drink. The leaves can be re-infused many times over in this way.
Sometimes the first drawing of the tea is discarded and the subsequent drawings are considered to be superior for flavour and therapeutic value. Green teas are best made with water that is just below boiling heat at between 70-90 degrees to preserve the antioxidant value and flavour.


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