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Good news! All our wellbeing sessions are available online, see below for more information on what’s available and how to book.

RTT Hypnotherapy

RTT Hypnotherapy is a fast and deep acting hypnotherapy technique that utilises the power of the mind to change negative thought patterns into a more positive, helpful mindset to help release addictions, fears and phobias, increase confidence and your ability to motivate yourself to study, exercise or to lose weight. RTT Hypnotherapy sessions can be in person at our clinic or online. During Covid-19 Level 4 and Level 3 alert all sessions are online. find out more about how RTT can help you and online sessions

Balanced Acupuncture clinic

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During Covid-19 Level 4 and Level 3 alert all consultations for herbs and for acupuncture are able to be carried out via “telehealth” on line sessions. Click here to find out more about this


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Orewa Acupuncture

Restore Your Life Force with Orewa Acupuncture

If you’re feeling off-balance and can’t put your finger on why your energy levels feel depleted, at Balanced Energy, we provide acupuncture to restore your feeling of wellbeing. Or perhaps you’re mentally exhausted from life’s demands. By stimulating your body’s natural energy field, we can address a range of physical and mental ailments. We provide therapy throughout North Island, New Zealand, from Warkworth acupuncture and Orewa acupuncture to ACC Acupuncture in Hibiscus Coast.


What You Can Expect From Balanced Energy Regarding Whangaparaoa Acupuncture

This ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine is over 200 years old. It has two branches; the one based on eight principles that identify and distinguishes different syndromes. The second branch is known as the ‘the five elements’. This age-old form of healing made its way into the modern era because of its effectiveness and trusted results. Its reliable technique returns your body and mind to optimal levels and maintains health all round. The following is a short outline of the processes involved:

  • Triggering specific points on skin with single-use needles: Although you might associate the word ‘needle’ with pain, this technique is minimally invasive. It is similar to the pin-prick of self-monitoring blood-glucose tests. The insertion of needles is done in a hygienic environment and using sterilised equipment. The needles are very small and thin, and at most, you may experience slight discomfort.
  • Nerve stimulation: The qualified and experiences practitioner will insert these needles at specific points on your body that influence your energy meridians. This action encourages your body to self-repair, where the immune system is triggered to increase circulation. As a result, increased oxygen levels throughout the body positively influence tissue, glands, internal organs and various body functions.
  • Tiny injury: The wound created by this exercise sends a signal to the body regarding the superficial injury, and it responds by setting the body’s defence system into gear. This ‘wake-up call’ promotes circulation to the area where oxygenated blood is delivered to cells, restoring their vitality.


Benefits of Acupuncture in North Shore

At Balanced Energy, we provide healing that may help with the harmonious functioning of our client’s body, mind and emotional wellbeing. From mild to chronic cases, we restore customers’ health by employing this age-old and trusted form of treatment.

  • Relief from disease symptoms: If you suffer from diabetes, you may experience tingling, burning or pain in your feet. Acupuncture may help with the underlying causes so that physical pain is one thing less to worry about. Studies have also indicated that acupuncture combined with Tai Chi, Chinese medicine and Tuina massage has improved the quality of life in cancer patients.
  • Improved energy levels (Qi): Qi (pronounced ‘chee’) is what gives us energy and feeling drained or experiencing discomfort in the body is an indication of an underlying issue. Acupuncture deals with these to restore strength and flexibility. Acupuncture has also been proven to relieve sleep disorders because with a relaxed body comes a good night’s rest.
  • Headache and menstrual disorder relief: By stimulating circulation, acupuncture nourishes blood because of the increased oxygen levels. The pain relief that acupuncture may provide is not only superficial, as in the case of muscle tension; it can provide relief to women who experience excruciating pain during menstruation. An added benefit is that the form of therapy strengthens and regulates the reproductive system.


Why Trust Balanced Energy Regarding North Shore Acupuncture

The World Health Organisation has recognised acupuncture as an effective treatment, and there is evidence that the practice can help with various ailments.

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