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Healing Treatments

How we can help with your balance and well being

In this busy, modern life (full of noise and constant demands on our time and energy) stress and anxiety are two of the biggest causes of ill health. Energy treatments aim to balance the subtle energy systems of the body through the chakras and meridians, which have an important part to play in overall health and happiness. At BESpa we use Six Element Theory, an ancient system of diagnosis used by Traditional Medicines to help you re-balance by tailoring each treatment specifically to you.  

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BE Energy Balancing Treatment 

60 min  $100

Come back to balance with our unique Balanced Energy signature treatment using energy balancing and traditional healing techniques, spiritual healing, crystal healing, Bioptron polarised light and colour therapy, aromatherapy and our high quality vibrational medicine products based in Six Element Theory. We suggest at least a one hour appointment for this relaxing and balancing wellbeing treatment

Flower Gem and Crystal Essences 

30 min. session, includes essences  
$70 Adult/ $40 Child

Originally developed by Dr Edward Bach, flower essences are gentle, non toxic, natural medicines which balance and relax the mind and emotions to assist the body to heal and be healthier. Ideal for children, those taking medication and during pregnancy these do not interfere with pharmaceutical or herbal medicines but gently support any healing process the body is going through using the healing energy held in nature. At BE Spa we also use crystal essences which combine well with the flower essences for a better all round result. All the essences we use are hand made by us from start to finish including the alcohol we use as a preservative.

Colour and Light Therapy  

30 min   $40

There is much research available today that has shown that different frequencies of Coloured light may have a profound effect on the hormonal & cellular process in the body. Using coloured light (instead of needles) on acupuncture points and different parts of the body, the Bioptron polarized light machine has a variety of applications please click here to read more about Bioptron. We also have Bioptron lamps available in different sizes to rent or buy for a reasonable rate if you require ongoing light therapy treatment and prefer to do this yourself at home.

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