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Types of massage available at BE Spa

Massage is deeply therapeutic, relaxing, and detoxifying. Improving the circulation, posture and flexibility of the body to alleviate stress. All Balanced Energy massage therapists are properly trained and qualified and will leave you feeling energised and calm, whether you are having a half hour, relaxing, massage or a full body massage. To book please contact us by telephone or email or message us via our facebook page

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Relaxation/ Stress Release Massage: 60 min   $80

Specifically for unwinding stress and tension, a relaxing 60 minute back, neck and shoulder massage using our BE Balanced Massage Blends


Balanced Energy Signature Massage:   90 min $120

Combining our knowledge of healing, massage, aromatherapy and five element theory, this massage begins with a 6 element assessment, followed by a footbath using our BE Therapeutic Bath Soaks and then a 70 minute energy balancing massage with a special BE Balanced Massage Blend utilising energy points specific to you as a client. This targets imbalances and aims to bring the body back into energetic alignment.


Hot Stone Therapy:   90 min   $145

A deeply soothing and balancing massage using heated, smooth stones and BE Balanced Massage Blends to deeply relax the muscles and warm the body.


Deep Tissue Massage: 60 min $100

A deep massage for those that prefer a very strong pressure and that is helpful for releasing muscles that have seized up from over exercising, injury or stressful activity. Using our special Balanced Energy Linament blend of essential oils to help circulation, pain, tissue regeneration and detoxification.


Hand and Foot Massage:  45 min $60

Treat your arms, hands, lower legs and feet to to increase circulation, relieve sore joints, improve skin tone and texture and give these hardworking parts of the body some really well deserved nurturing.  We start by cleansing and exfoliating the arms, hands, lower legs and feet then move on to a luscious massage using our BE Balanced Body Balm.


Indian Head Massage: 60 min $80 

A Traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage focusing on the head, scalp, shoulders and neck. May assist the health of the hair, scalp and sinuses and release tension headaches.

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