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RTT Hypnotherapy

Success, happiness and phenomenal health and wellbeing with the power of your genius mind

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a fast and deep acting style of hypnotherapy developed by Marisa Peer, an internationally renown therapist and hypnotherapist.  RTT is phenomenal at assisting with changing negative thought patterns and mental habits into a more positive state of mind in a permanent way and can be helpful for fears, phobias, addiction release, boosting self esteem and self confidence, motivation for studying, losing weight and exercising, sleep problems, increasing performance levels for sport or stage, stage fright and many more issues that are related to the patterns and habits we hold in our minds.

I am a certified RTT Hypnotherapist trained by Marisa Peer in her method of practice. If you feel that RTT Hypnotherapy might be just what you have been looking for then contact me now for a free 20 minute discovery call so that we can discuss how I would work to start you on your journey to the life you want! Hypnotherapy sessions are booked as a package that gives you a whole month of therapy including a personalised transformation recording made specifically for you to make sure that this process is successful for you and gives you the support you need to achieve the results you want.

Covid-19 Telehealth online sessions:

I have been facilitating my hypnotherapy sessions online for sometime prior to Covid-19 lockdown as many of my clients already see me online. During Level 4 Alert for Covid-19 all my hypnotherapy sessions are currently conducted online. This is a very effective way to work with my clients and all my online clients have had amazing results. I use an app called Zoom that is easy to install on your computer and very simple to connect to our session, it is also very secure.

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