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Day Two of 365 Days to get back to me

It’s a while since I looked for messages (consciously) throughout the day. This can be a really helpful practice and the messages can turn up in the most unexpected places.

I had three messages today:

1. Sorting out a pile of paperwork a card dropped out. I am not sure where it came from but on it was a Confuscius quote ” Our greatest glory is not in not ever falling but in rising every time we fall”

2. After being quoted a rather large amount of money to WOF my car ($700) I decided to get a second opinion as I felt something was not right. The second opinion was that nothing needed to be done for the WOF! In their office was a sign on the wall that said: “Patience. The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”

3. In the evening I blew the dust off my Runes and chose one. HA! Jera, Harvest. Once again a message of patience, the harvest is just around the corner, keep going you’re nearly there.

I feel much more like I’m following my path now!

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