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365 days to get back to me

Days 3 + 4

Having a blood type of O (which is the ancient hunter gatherer blood type) it is recommended by the Blood Type Diet that I eat lots of lean protein, fresh greens, fruits, nuts and seeds. Especially lean red meat. When I was a strict vegetarian I used to “poo poo” the Blood Type Diet, as I believed strongly that it isn’t necessary to consume animals to survive. This is true if you practice something like Yoga and Meditation for at least two hours per day and eat a really healthy diet, since the body receives energy from other sources in this case. However, that’s another entirely different subject I’ll leave for later, it’s bound to cause some controversy at this stage!

What I’m getting at is that years later I re- read the Blood Type profile for Type O and was very surprised at how it described me to a T. Particularly striking for me was the exercise regime which states that Blood Type O thrives on masses of exercise such as dance, martial arts, weights and especially running. According to this profile if Blood Type O doesn’t get enough exercise they can fall into depression, feel very sluggish and put on weight suddenly once they get to about 40 years old (gulp!) due to a slowing of the metabolism.

I am always happier when I do a lot of exercise, the stronger the better. If I am feeling depressed, exhausted or listless often the best thing for me is not to rest but to go for a brisk walk or a run, swim a few lengths or do a few rounds of Salute to the Sun. My mood lifts and I feel really energised, the stress just melts away. In fact, if I don’t get enough exercise I can actually start to feel a bit trapped, according to Dr D’Adamo this is possibly because Blood Type O is genetically hardwired to being a hunter gatherer and needs to run off excess cortisol that builds up in the body from a strong flight or fight reaction towards everyday life.

So I need to get back into more exercise I guess.

Change number one:

Less driving to school, I have volunteered to help with the walking school bus at my daughter’s school so that we can walk first thing in the morning. I then walk home along Arkles Bay back to the office. How many places have I lived where I can do that! Certainly not in London. I should really take advantage of that as much as I can.

The aim is to get back to running all the way home as I build my fitness back up.

Yesterday (rather than sit on the sidelines and yawn that 3.30 yawn I get every afternoon at the moment) I swam some lengths while my daughter had her swimming lesson.

I also lay on my Yoga mat until I decided I might as well do some Yoga… and then did some Yoga! The resistance is incredible at times but all it takes is small changes and that first, little step.

I just need to keep this up every day and make it part of my regular routine. I much prefer this to yoyo diets and exercise programmes as it’s more sustainable long term and way better for the body to build up slowly and maintain fitness levels.


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