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Day 5 of 365 Days to Get Back to Me

My once busy juicer lay dead in a dark corner of the bottom of the pantry, neglected, dusty and disused. Then…a miracle occurred… I saw the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead one night by chance on Choice Television.

This inspiring story forced me to resurrect the old juicer and buy a load of fruit and veges to juice. Yum. Today I  juiced the following:

One small yummy apple

Two delicious sweet peaches

Two sticks of crunchy celery

Two bright orange Ohakune carrots

All from New Zealand, we are so lucky that we have such an amazing selection of locally grown produce in this country. Unfortunately they were not organic but I am working on this. I remember disgusting my family in London once by raving about some feijoas from New Zealand I got in my organic vege box, they weren’t convinced even after eating (and to my horror spitting out)! I guess it’s also the experience associated with those little, weird flavoured fruits when you pick them warm and juicy from the tree. They should be about ready to eat by now…it’s exciting to get something only when its in season like those lovely cherries we have had lately. Excited about fruit?I am going crazy.

5 days no coffee, the juice will keep me going instead.

For more recipes see http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/recipes/

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