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It is coming to that time of the year that many of us look forward to the spring and summer seasons after the long, often wet and cold winter days. Unfortunately for some of us the excitement of warmer weather, trees abundant with beautiful blossoms accompanied by new spring growth is marred by sinus congestion, itchy throat, sniffling nose, scratching the eyes and lots of sneezing!! Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, is an allergic inflammation of the nasal passages. 

It occurs when an allergen such as pollen or dust is inhaled by an individual with a sensitive immune system, triggering an antibody production otherwise known as an over-reaction of the immune system.

There are two types of hay fever: 

Seasonal – occurs during spring and summer usually triggered by the pollens of specific seasonal plants. And Perennial – occurs throughout the year usually triggered by indoor allergens such as house dust, mites, feathers, animal dander and mould there could also be a food allergy involved.

Some tips to get started on symptom control: Avoid wheat, milk, bananas, peanut butter and minimise dairy consumption.  There are other allergy related foods, however, rather than eliminating everything, obtain an allergy assessment organised by a naturopath. Take an acidophilus/bifidus supplement (friendly bacteria) as this may help reduce allergic reaction. Herbal teas of eyebright, elderflower, nettle, peppermint and echinacea will assist mild hay fever, however persistent hay fever will require a specifically blended herbal formula from a Naturopath/Medical herbalist.

We use organic essential oil of Eucalyptus (amongst other ingredients) at Balanced Energy as an ingredient in the Path of No Resistance Mist Spray which may help with unblocking sinuses.

Should you require any assistance in symptom relief for Hay Fever at Balanced Energy we have ready made, herbal blends for boosting the immune system and dealing with symptoms for both adults and children, essential oils and highly effective, practitioner only supplements to keep you in top condition. Our relaxing, private infra red sauna and studio classes will leave you feeling warm and energised.


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