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Spring at Balanced Acupuncture Clinic

As we transition out of Winter into Spring, we often experience more body aches and pain. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this is explained through the understanding of the relationship of the Five elements of change or Wu-xing.

Winter is represented by Metal and spring is represented by Wood. Wood rules the sinews and tendons of the body and when there is an injury to these areas there is a possibility that ones tends to feel pain and inflammation to these areas. This is because in Spring the energy of Wood governs renewed growth transitioning our body form the slumber of Winter into Spring. The renewed flow of Qi and Blood to all part of the body regenerates the sinews and tendons, therefore also reigniting the pain and inflammation to musculoskeletal injuries.

At Balanced Acupuncture Clinic we are committed to assist our clients through this transition by offering no surcharge to all ACC treatments for the next 2 months.

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