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“Truth is what stands the test of experience”

Albert Einstein

There are many types of natural treatments and more and more “natural” products appearing every day, so how do you know what is going to work for you? How do you choose the right therapy? And, more importantly, how do you know that a product or a treatment is really what it says it is when there are virtually no regulations safeguarding clients and customers buying beauty and health treatments and products? I was recentlycaught out by a product with “Organic” written on it, when I got home and checked the ingredients the only organic item was a miniscule amount of Chamomile extract, everything else was synthetic, nothing was actually certified organic.

With the advent of one day deals and the recession pushing prices lower and lower encouraging customers to hop from one deal to the next we are finding that we have a steady stream of customers coming to us with stories of bungled treatments and terrible product reactions or skin conditions. Yes it was cheap, but the experience was far from satisfactory, even bad enough to put the customer off having that type of treatment ever again.

This is costing clients more than just a cheap treatment, it is costing them time, more money fixing up what has been done wrong and ultimately does not have the longterm effect of creating a happy, healthy and vibrant life. Which is really what the spa and wellbeing industry was originally designed to do. Spas were a place to go and be healed or to recuperate.

At Balanced Energy we believe that you should leave us feeling really great, happy with the service you received and safe in the knowledge that our products and treatments are exactly what we say they are… good for you, pure and natural, high quality, ethically and carefully produced with the wellbeing and health of the client in mind.

We do not want to make a quick sale from you, we want you to return time after time and recommend all your friends to come to us because you had an exceptional experience which can only be gained from a mutual feeling of trust between the client and therapist.

We want you to leave feeling that you have received what you came to us for and more, that you are important and your wellbeing and happiness as a customer is our ultimate concern. That you can trust what we say because we are knowledgeable and experienced in our field of expertise and because we care about you.

This is why we will only use the best products and treatments that are tried and tested. Our customers are not our guinea pigs… nor are guinea pigs by the way (nothing we use is tested on animals) we are. We test everything we use thoroughly on ourselves first to ascertain whether we feel it is good enough for our customers. We will not perform any treatments that could compromise your health or the health of the skin. And we will not take any product on that we do not feel 100% satisfied with.

We wouldn’t put anything but petrol into our cars no matter what the cost, perhaps we could give our health, beauty and wellbeing the same break and use our money wisely to ensure that we maintain good health? After all, if you do not have good health how how much can you enjoy life?

So come and see us for your next health or beauty treatment. Relax in the knowledge that we are looking after you and have your wellbeing firmly in our hearts and minds .

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