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Transformational Knowledge Retreats

Health & Wellbeing One Day Retreat

A day of classes, seminars, food, and treatments to nurture your health and well being with experienced wellness consultants

2019 dates TBC

Learn useful and practical ways to keep you living a long, healthy and happy life, while having fun meeting other like-minded people in a beautiful, relaxing countryside setting on the outskirts of Hamilton. The day begins early with Tai Chi and Yoga classes followed by a delicious,healthy breakfast. After this seminars on breathing, meditation, relaxation, nutrition, drumming, cooking, herbal medicines and a tea tasting. Lunch, dinner and refreshments are included in the ticket price.

Choose from a Morning Pass, Afternoon Pass or Full Day Pass options

Spaces are limited so we strongly advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Venue: The Farmhouse, Glenview, Hamilton

The Hosts: Henri Venturini & Catherine Opie, Glenn Cossey, Jordan have international experience working in high end hospitality, destination spas and the wellness industry and have designed this retreat for people to not only relax and recharge but to learn  practical skills for staying healthy


Increasing Vitality & Longevity

In this 2 hour workshop you will learn a simple short form Qigong sequence that will help you to:

Experience the transition between Yin breath and Yang breath

Slow down the breath and heart rate to relieve hypertension and stress

Calm the mind to relieve anxiety and worry

Improve circulation and metabolism without stressing the heart

You will also gain insight into how Qigong helps to create wellness and balance in the body, how to bridge and understand ancient concepts like “heaven and earth” or “Yin & Yang”, in relation to health and wellness in a modern context and framework.

There is also an opportunity to book a private wellness consultation with Henri-noel Venturini in the morning and the afternoon. READ MORE

2019 dates TBC


Healing, Mindfulness & Tea

During this two hour mindfulness experience we will be enjoying a healing tea ritual followed by a deep yogic relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra that is used to help train the mind, overcome blocks, learn new things, re-energise and for mental focus to attain goals. You will learn:

How to use tea as a medicinal herb for your health and healing

How to make teas and herbal infusions properly to get the best flavour and therapeutics from them

A simple process of making and drinking tea you can use as an enjoyable, daily mindfulness practice

How relaxation can be used as a tool for attaining goals

Yogic techniques for feeling a deep sense of peace and relaxation

There will also be an opportunity to book a private wellness consultation with Catherine

2019 dates TBC


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