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Do you find that you are not as flexible as you used to be? Or that you have difficulty balancing, getting up from or down to the floor? Do you have muscular or joint problems?

Then the Nia Five Stages class could be for you. This  class takes the body through a gentle process of five stages of movement designed to reawaken and reprogram the body with the aim of improved mobility, flexibility, agility and stability. It is suitable for any level of fitness and has even been adapted for wheelchair users.

Developed by Debbie Rosas, the founder of Nia, each class takes you through the five natural stages of movement (foetal, pre-crawling, crawling, moving to standing and standing) in a different way focusing on particular areas of the body. .

The class is taught by Sally Cook at Balanced Energy Studio and there is an opportunity to experience the five stages with Laurie Bass, a teacher from the United States, here in Auckland on Friday/ Sat/ Sun 20-22 January.

Contact us for more information. Click here for more information on the Five Stages.

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