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Sally Cook, Balanced Energy Nia Teacher

Take off your shoes and use the 7,000 nerve endings in the sole of each foot to sense the pleasure of movement.  Become aware of using your feet, of sensing balance, stability and mobility in your feet in each step you take.

This step is one of the 52 moves of Nia – moving from a heel lead, through the whole foot, to the ball of the foot.  Take time to really feel each part of your foot, sense the joy of moving in safe and efficient ways, consciously aware, knowing that your feet will sense how you need to move – this is the reason we dance Nia barefoot – so that we can really be grounded, letting our feet guide us safely through the routines as we dance our way to health. 

When you are grounded your posture and balance improve, your focus and stability are increased, you are less likely to have acidents or injuries and the body experiences energy.

Join Sally for Nia classes Wed 9.30 am or 7pm and let your feet feel the freedom of sensation!

Sally teaches Nia classes at Balanced Energy Studio Whangaparaoa, in Albany and at City Dance Studios in Auckland New Zealand.

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