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Private Tuition

For more advanced students a private class in Yoga, Tai Chi or Meditation can be a fantastic way to ensure you are practicing properly. The teacher can tailor the session to your specific level, physical needs and give you the personal attention necessary to adjust and correct any bad habits you may have fallen into.

If you are a beginner private classes can be wonderful for helping you to gain confidence and to make sure you are practising correctly before joining classes.

Private sessions are really helpful if you are ill or injured and wish to use Yoga or Tai Chi as part of your wellness programme.

Some of the reasons people book private tuition with us are:

  • Recovery from illness or injury prevents them from being able to attend an open class, having private sessions to create a programme at home to rehabilitate the body faster and be able to participate once again in classes can be very helpful.
  • Class times sometimes do not fit a busy schedule so an individualised programme can be developed to carry out at home, or a time can be booked for a private class by one or many people together (to share costs) at a time convenient to them.
  • To increase and deepen knowledge for personal development
  • Group bookings for team building or stress reduction in the work place
  • Sometimes clients prefer to have private tuition in the comfort of their own homes.
  • For specific training needs i.e. increased flexibility or stability and for stunt or weapons training.

You can find out about our teachers here:

Henri-noel Venturini: Tai Chi, Qigong, Martial Arts, Self Defence, Weapons Training

Catherine Opie: Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation

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