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Balanced Massage Blends

Artisan, natural, organic, New Zealand made

Six Universal Elements

Six Massage Blends for balancing body, mind spirit

Perfect for all over body massage, Balanced Massage Blend contains only natural oils helping to nourish the skin. Wonderful applied after a shower or bath to slightly damp skin, locking in hydration for soft, smooth skin. A light, easy glide massage oil containing certified organic  sunflower, camellia,  jojoba and sweet almond oils blended lovingly with pure, Five Element Essential Oil Blends and Liquid Light Essences for an extra balancing effect. Six blends, one for each of the Chinese Five Elements plus Unity, the sixth element:


Heartbeat of the Mother – Sensual and nurturing

Element of Earth, grounding, balances all chakras and meridians, alignment with new energies, divine feminine, letting go, support and nurture.

The sensuous scents of Ylang Ylang, Rose Geranium and earthy, grounding Vetiver balanced with a citrus hint of Lemon make this an exotic, earthy blend for balancing the mind, emotions and energy systems. This blend can be useful during times of transition to nurture and support the energy while letting go of the old to step into the new.


Wings of Joy- Uplifting and joyful

Element of Air or Metal, uplifting, opens up creative expression, throat and sacral chakras, relating in a playful way.

Heady, cleansing Frankincense is lifted to new heights with the citrus scents of Palmarosa and May Chang expanding the breath and uplifting the spirits. Palmarosa may also help to balance the skin, May Chang contains antiseptic and anti-viral qualities, Frankincense contains antiseptic and skin regenerative qualities known since ancient times.


Path of no Resistance- Calming and soothing

Element of Water, emotional balance, solar plexus and third eye, courage, deep calm, cleansing.

An age old remedy, Lavender, is given a new spicy twist with the addition of gently warming Australian Eucalyptus Radiata and soothing Coriander. Calming, relaxing, cooling and harmonising, this blend can be beneficial where there is a need to relax and “go with the flow” to cool and to calm fears, restlessness and irritation.


Emerging Spirit- Enlightening and indulging

Element of Wood, divine masculine, aids decisiveness, instills patience and a sense of timing, having a strong sense of your path.

Australian Sandalwood blended with Pine and lifted by Bergamot makes this one of our most popular blends. Sandalwood can be very soothing for dry cracked skin and is used to open up the higher consciousness (hence it’s use as incense for meditation), Pine contains antiseptic and soothing qualities while the delicate, citrus aroma of Bergamot lightens these two deeply, woody oils giving this blend a more gentle and light quality!


Pure Heart Pure Mind- Warming and cleansing

Element of Fire, motivation, assists focus in meditation, burns away old energetic patterns, opens heart to compassion, brings peace.

Fruity, aromatic and deep emerald green Great Barrier Island Manuka oil is softened with cleansing, balancing Rosemary and spiced by Ginger for a lovely, warm, sociable blend, deeply cleansing the energy and helping the mind to focus for meditation and motivation. These three oils can contain antibacterial, antiseptic and anti fungal qualities and may help to stimulate circulation when used in a massage blend 


Unity- Unifying and balancing

Element of Fire as light– unifying and balancing this element relates to all the elements working together in harmony. Dissolves energetic blocks to connecting with the wider, cosmic consciousness.

This beautifully fragrant and secret blend of oils used in the Balanced Energy Five Element Blends carries the magical quality of all the elements working together in perfect harmony. Like the collective fragrance of a warm, fresh, garden breeze these oils synergistically blend to produce the scent we call Unity. Opening up the energy to connect with a wider, cosmic consciousness and perspective.


All Balanced Energy products are made with love and care in small batches to ensure the freshness of the ingredients.


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