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Organic Herbal Tisanes

Artisan, natural, organic, New Zealand made

Containing a better flavour and therapeutic quality than a teabag, loose herbal tea, or Tisane, has been used for millennia by many cultures the world over for health and healing purposes and for social and spiritual ceremonies. BE Spa Herbal Tisanes are hand blended in small batches from local and imported, certified organic ingredients. No synthetic additives, flavours, colours or sweeteners are used in the production of these fine tisanes. Only pure, natural, high quality ingredients creating fine tastes and combinations that also support health and wellbeing.

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Balm + Roses

This soothing (but slightly aphrodisiac) tea has a deliciously delicate and fragrant taste. Lovely in summer chilled with a touch of honey and lemon and a sprig of lemon balm. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *lemon balm, *rose petals

Be Calm

A calming, soothing blend of herbs which have been used traditionally to help anxiety, sleeplessness, a busy mind, digestion, travel sickness, early stages of fever, measles, skin complaints, pmt, candida, morning sickness, headache, colic, high blood pressure. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *chamomile, *lavender, *spearmint

Children’s Blend

An aromatic, soothing blend to support immunity and cool fever, stomach ache or restlessness. Delicious with lemon and honey added for an extra vitamin C boost. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *chamomile, *rose petals, *spearmint, *elderflower, *catmint

Gentle Cleanse

A perfect tea anytime to assist a gentlecleanse and rebalance of the digestion and elimination. Made with herbs that according to traditional medical herbalism contain: anthelminthic, carminative, detoxifying,
anti-cholesterol, blood tonic, diuretic, expectorant, anti-rheumatic properties and many essential vitamins and minerals.Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *nettle, *calendula, *fennel, *dandelion
Cleansing is not a suitable practice during pregnancy .


A pleasant blend of herbs suited to women of all ages for nourishment, vitality and balance. Made from three herbs which, according to traditional herbal medicine contain folic acid, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, silica, pro vitamins A, B6, C, D, E, K, and P. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *raspberry leaf, *nettle, *alfalfa
This blend may be beneficial in the last trimester of pregnancy with advice from a qualified herbalist.

Pepper Minty

A refreshing mix of herbs, served hot or chilled. An excellent alternative to black tea as it contains redbush tea which is pleasant with milk. These herbs contain vitamin C, minerals, non toxic, natural fluoride and are used by traditional herbalists for their anti histamine, cooling and digestive properties to assist with colic, nausea, travel sickness, hay fever. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *peppermint, *redbush

Rosehip + Hibiscus

This pure, organic herbal tea has a tangy and slightly fruity taste. Used traditionally for their vitamin c and collagen strengthening properties these herbs are energizing and fortifying. Add honey and lemon slices for winter chills or refrigerate for a deliciously cooling summer drink. Ingredients: (*certified organic):*Rose hips, *Hibiscus Flowers

Soothe Me

A blend of herbs which according to Medical Herbalism tone the kidneys and bladder, may help cystitis due to their antiseptic and soothing properties. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *uva ursi, *buchu, *cornsilk, *meadowsweet, *alfalfa, *marshmallow.
Not suitable during pregnancy

The Healer

An aromatic, soothing blend of herbs used traditionally for their immune enhancing, expectorant and antibacterial properties to help clear the sinuses and soothe the throat and lungs. Add lemon and honey for flavor and vitamin C. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *peppermint, *thyme, *ginger, *echinacea, *spearmint, *catmint, *Yarrow, *licorice.
Not suitable during pregnancy

Throat Soothe

A blend of herbs which are traditionally used for soothing the mouth and throat. Add
honey to sweeten or use as a soothing gargle or mouthwash. Ingredients: (*cert. organic) *thyme, *sage, *raspberry leaf, *lavender, *myrrh.
Not suitable during pregnancy

Tips for making Tisane:

  • Use 1 tsp of herbal tea blend per cup of boiling water. Use a one cup strainer or a teapot to make the tea.
  • Warm teapot or cup with a little boiling water then discard this water and add Tisane (more for a strong tea less if you like it more subtle!).
  • Pour boiled water into the teapot or cup and allow the Tisane to “steep” for 5-10 mins.
  • Strain or remove the one cup strainer before drinking. Sit back and relax with your feet in an energy balancing footbath to enjoy your own BE experience while you sip your Tisane.
  • Drink 1-3 cups per day only.

Always seek professional advice before drinking herbal teas if you are pregnant have an ongoing health condition or concern or are taking medication. The information on this website does not seek to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of a trained medical or other health professional.


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