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A Delicate Balance

All Balanced Energy products are carefully hand made in small batches ensuring freshness of ingredients. They are made from natural and certified organic ingredients without synthetic parabens, preservatives or fragrances and without toxic ingredients. We also have a policy of complete transparency when labelling our products and giving our customers information about our products.

Our policy as a business is to be honest, ethical and to care for the environment so that our customers can relax in the knowledge that we are what we say we are and can trust our products and services. Not because it is a current trend and we are “green washing” as a marketing tool, but because we care deeply for the environment and the health of the planet. It is fundamental to our beliefs that it is of the utmost importance to care for the environment and the health and well being of ourselves and our customers.


We make every effort to ensure that our products are as pure and natural as we can make them, however it is also impossible to know everything and information changes constantly, so our guarantee to our customers is that if we discover that a product or ingredient we stock could be contaminated or harmful to health we will discontinue that item immediately until such time that we are certain that it is not. For example we recently discontinued all products containing colloidial minerals such as colloidial silver and gold because, despite many people claiming they are safe, we discovered information indicating that these substances are highly bio toxic and can induce heavy metal poisoning.

Organic certification

We only use natural ingredients in our products. Wherever possible we source certified organic and organically grown ingredients and choose to use these over non organic. Our suppliers hold certification for these ingredients and our main supplier tests all their essential oils for purity in house using a hygrometer. Our labeling declares what is certified organic and what is not so that you can see exactly what you are buying.

Any products we do not manufacture ourselves we source from other companies who share our ethics and we thoroughly research their methods and integrity before choosing to distribute their products ourselves. The whole process of product development or introducing a new product made by a different company can take as long as two to three years from idea to inception, sometimes longer.

Some organic certification only requires an alarming 25% of certified organic ingredients to qualify, so we make sure that we work with our suppliers to source the best ingredients that we can. Even though we do not have certification ourselves most of our products are more than 90% certified organic ingredients, so we generally surpass the requirement for most certification bodies. Due to the inconsistent certification of products and the high cost of certification we do not wish to pay the fees required for organic certification at this time, choosing to pass on this saving to our customers. We are looking towards completing this once it is viable for us as a business.

Synthetic Ingredients

Synthetic fragrances and fixatives (often listed as parfum): are not used in Balanced Energy products, only natural, essential oils.As outlined above our supplier of essential oils uses testing equipment to ascertain purity.

Parabens are naturally occurring substances and are found in plants particularly in fruit and vegetables. Synthesised parabens are used widely as preservatives however we do not add synthetic parabens to our products due to some research which suggests they may not be healthy and could cause cancer and hormonal disturbances.

Preservatives we only use natural or naturally derived preservatives which are allowed in certified organic formulations. Wherever possible we blend ingredients and utilize packaging to enhance the self-preserving nature of the product without having to add extra preservatives. (for instance using pump bottles rather than jars so that the product remains sealed while in use) For this reason our products tend to have shorter use by dates than other products which have added preservative in large amounts. This also means that the products you buy from us are often fresher being made in smaller batches.

Testing we do not test our products on animals since there is already an extensive historical record of testing which has been done for all the ingredients we use. We also feel that this is an unnecessarily cruel practice and can produce data that may not relate to human use due to the physiological differences between humans and other animals. During product development we test new products in house, on ourselves. Once we are happy with the formulation we then test it on a group of willing, human volunteers before it is released for sale. Stability testing is done in house and externally wherever necessary. Our suppliers carry extensive information on the usage, longevity and properties of their ingredients which we utilize when formulating.


Packaging: To help prevent degradation of the planet through excessive or toxic waste all our packaging is either recyclable or biodegradeable. We try to use a minimum of packaging material and this is why you will not find all our products contained within extra packaging such as boxes.

Recycling: We encourage customers to recycle or reuse all packaging wherever possible. We have extensive recycling within our business to cut down on waste and use energy efficient equipment and practices wherever we can. We constantly adapt and make improvements to our systems as we grow.

100% New Zealand: We also try to source materials and labour within New Zealand to help the local economy flourish. We are a 100% New Zealand owned company and our products are 100% New Zealand made, though some ingredients and packaging are imported due to these not being available here. For instance Frankincense essential oil is grown in Africa so we make sure that the one we use is grown sustainably and we choose to use Australian Sandalwood rather than Indian Sandalwood to reduce the air miles on our product and to ensure it is also sustainably produced. Bottles are purchased from a New Zealand company but are manufactured overseas.

We try our utmost best to live up to these standards, but like anyone we are not perfect. If you are not satisfied that we are working to the standards listed above, would like to know more or have some unanswered questions please contact us using the Contact page here.


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