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Balanced Energy Liquid Light Essences

Artisan, natural, organic, New Zealand made

Six Universal Elements

Six Essences to bring in balance Buy now !!!

Liquid Light Essences are six carefully balanced blends of flower, gem and crystal essences for harmony. Each beautiful combination embodies the positive, balanced qualities of the five elements of Chinese Medicine plus a special sixth element we call Unity- all the elements working together.

Liquid Light Essences are as pure as possible, these carefully made, vibrational medicines are produced on Waiheke Island and the Whangaparaoa Peninsula in New Zealand using organically grown and certified organic ingredients, pure New Zealand spring water and certified organic vodka as the only preservative, .

Liquid Light Essences are a key ingredient in all Balanced Energy products, from therapy to skincare.

To choose the correct essence,  select the Mandala image below which stands out most to you.

Click on the image below to read a detailed article about the physical and emotional aspects of each essence blend.

Alternatively please click here to contact us and we will happily assist you in making the right choice of essence blend for you.


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Heartbeat of the Mother

Heartbeat of the Mother

“Align with the new”

Element of Earth. Nurturing, supportive, grounding, letting go, peace.

Emerging Spirit

“See the truth”

Element of Wood. Patience, timing, connection to spirit

Wings of Joy

Lightness of being

Element of Metal. Playfulness, flexibility, communication, clarity

Pure Heart Pure Mind

Focus mind and heart

Element of Fire. Motivation, meditation, focus, calm

Path of no Resistance

Go with the flow

Element of Water. Courage, purpose, energy, emotional balance


Connect with cosmic consciousness”

Element of Fire as Light. Unifying, balancing, harmonizing, connecting

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