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This week I can really smell spring in the air with the scent of the many blossom trees, jasmine and other flowers springing bursting forth. Birds are busily gathering bits and pieces to build their nests and somehow something unexplainable is different.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine spring is the season ruled by the element of Wood. This element rules the Liver and Gallbladder and symbolizes growth and expansion, a time when energy moves outward and new things begin. This is the ideal time to spring clean your body, environment and mind. Join us for our two week Boot Camp to get yourself ready for summer and full of spring vitality. The two week programme includes: Blood type test, dietary and exercise programme, herbal Detox tincture, Detox pack with supplements, lymphatic drainage massage or facial, sauna, unlimited classes at Balanced Energy Studio, and on hand advice and support from our knowledgeable team via facebook. The two week programme begins with a Seminar on Sat 29th October. Sign up now to feel like a new person! 

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