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This Yoga posture stretches the train of muscles running from the scalp all the way down the back of the body to the soles of the feet, loosens hip joints, removes excess fat in abdominal region, tones all abdominal organs, activates kidneys, liver, pancreas, adrenal glands, tones pelvic organs and encourages a good flow of fresh blood to the spinal nerves and muscles.


Sit on the floor with the legs straight, feet together, toes pointing toward the ceiling, heels moving away from the body. Sit up straight so that the body makes an L shape. In hale deeply and as you exhale fold forward from the hips bringing the torso towards the thighs and hands to the floor either side of the legs (or if you are flexible hold the feet and bring the elbow towards the floor) holdthis position for a few breaths using the exhalation to relax the body. Inhale to come back up to sitting. For most people the forward bend will not go very far but once this has been practiced gently and with patience the stretch will deepen over time.

This is a good stretch for alleviating the effects of shortened hamstring muscles due to running or long periods of sitting.

Not to be performed by anyone with a slipped disc, sciatica, chronic arthritis or sacral infections. At Balanced Energy Studio you will find Yoga, Tai Chi, Nia and Meditation


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