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Catherine Opie Balanced Energy Founder

The beautiful, flowing movements of Tai Chi (pronounced Tie- Chee) are often seen as an exercise for the older generation and many people are not aware that Tai Chi is, in fact, a fighting style of martial arts including sword, stick, staff and fan forms. There are fast forms and slow forms of Tai Chi the most well known being the slow form of Yang.

Tai Chi can be very helpful as a self defence technique because there is no need to be big and strong to floor your opponent; it uses awareness, balance and movement to deflect and channel energy around the body for healing or away from the body for defence. (One elderly lady who attended Tai Chi classes with my mother managed to easily knock a young, fit mugger to the ground with one swift, simple move she knew from class. Much to the amazement of the police!- Ed) The many health benefits of Tai Chi include better balance, stability, flexibility, focus and mental clarity. It is recognized as being beneficial for cardiovascular, bone and joint health.

Tai Chi classes are taught at the Balanced Energy Studio on Mondays and Tuesdays by Henri Venturini who has been a practitioner of martial arts for over 20 years. This has seen him gain black belts in several fighting forms leading to a deep understanding of these practices and into softer styles such as Tai Chi and Qigong which he uses more for healing and wellness.

For term 2, as an introductory offer for your first Tai Chi or Qigong class, bring a friend and your friend comes for free!

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