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Have you been sugared yet?

Sugaring is an ancient type of hair removal originating in Asia and North Africa, it has  many benefits over waxing and that is why we use only Pharo Sugaring at Balanced Energy


    Significantly less discomfort
    Gentle on the skin
    Natural with a delightful manuka honey fragrance
    Eco – friendly
    Quick and easy to clean up – no harsh solvents and no risk of burns as it’s water soluble.

“Sugaring can be less painful than waxing, because the substrate sticks to the hair without attaching to the skin and may be applied at room temperature or heated to a lukewarm temperature, preventing burning”


Once you have been sugared you will never go back to waxing, let’s face it, “sugared” even sounds nicer than “waxed”!

Wait there’s more advantages to sugaring…. you can instant tan immediately after because:

Sugaring creates a slight exfoliation of the skin which needs to be done before applying instant tan for best results.

Sugaring, unlike a parrafin wax based product (which leaves the skin very agitated and dry) actually leaves the skin in a perfect condition to be tanned (free from oils but soft and moisturised) so the tan can penetrate the skin better creating a nice, even finish. The tanning tends to last longer.

We use Radiessence Tanning Mousse for the following reasons:

Researching many tanning products we found that they all contain DHA (a vegetable derived ingredient) as the main tanning ingredient which, according to some information is safe and to other information can cause accelerated free radical activity in the skin. Though this is significantly less harmful to the skin than UV tanning beds, if you are worried about this we suggest you do not use an instant tanning product. As we do get requests for tanning, and we feel that Radiessence Tanning Mousse is the safest, most natural product option we can find, we use this product so that clients can have the best and safest tanning product we can provide.

According to some information DHA is harmful when inhaled so we use Radiessence Tanning Mousse because it is a mousse rather than a spray, making it healthier for both the client and the therapist. We tan with a soft cloth which means no inhalation of the product. Because of this it is also very hygenic, with no messy tanning tent and clean equipment every time.

Radiessence Tanning Mousse is an instant tan and only takes 4 to 6 hours to develop so you can tan and wax the day you want to look great. We can apply it for you or you can buy the mousse in our shop and apply it yourself at home.

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