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Henri Venturini, Balanced Energy Studio Tai Chi Teacher

An important process that we can bring into our daily routine is a 5 minute meditation technique based on the Taoist meditation “Smiling Sun”. This meditation brings peace into your life and deals with anxiety. You can become clearer in your daily functions and less stressed. It is also meant to regenerate cell energy in the body, as the light carries the frequency of gold which raises the frquency in the cells and the cells respond to this.

In the morning when you wake up find a quiet spot and sit comfortably on a chair or a cushion, close your eyes and begin to focus on the breath and how it travels up and down the nose.

When you start to feel some warmth in front of the face, think of it as a smiling sun, sending warm rays towards you.

On the in breath draw the warm rays into the lungs and heart, and on the exhaling breath  give the rays back to the smiling sun. Immediately you will feel warm and full of light.

Eventually with continued practise these warm rays will spread through the whole body.

If you can repeat this process in the evening the benefit will be increased.

Henri Venturini is co-founder of Balanced Energy and teaches weekly clases in Tai Chi at the Balanced Energy Studio in Whangaparaoa. To view the studio timetable click here.

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