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By Angela van Trijp, Balanced Energy Massage Consultant

There is something remarkably satisfying about having your feet massaged. Is it the fact that we stand on them all day, is it because feet have so many nerve endings in them heightening their sensitivity to touch, or is it just nice to be massaged in a nurturing way?

I’m sure all of these reasons are valid. Reflexology is an ancient technique using massage, pressure point release and a nurturing touch to help relax the whole body and to stimulate proper function of the internal organs. Reflexology uses a unique technique on pressure points on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet which link to different parts of the body’s anatomy. Reflexology has been around since ancient times and there is evidence in archaeological findings suggesting this method of applying pressure to the feet and hands. Hands also have an amazing amount of nerve endings found within them. This could explain why these areas of the body are such versatile mediums to use to help someone relax. Relax the nervous system and the whole body will relax.

Reflexology has been proven to help with;

Promoting good digestion, helping to alleviate constipation

Helping relieve tension headaches

Promoting better more restful sleep

Amongst other numerous positive effects on the body.

Reflexology is a safe and effective therapy that can be done to promote better health, support the body when concerns have arisen, and to assist with healing.

At Balanced Energy we offer Reflexology treatments adjusted to suit your individual needs.

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