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The word Aquamarine comes from Latin, meaning water and sea.

Aquamarine is the current birthstone for March but before the 15th Century it was considered the birthstone for October,  the gemstone for the 19th year of marriage and for the astrological sign of pisces. Aquamarine was often worn by sailors to ward off seasickness and encourage safe travel on the water.

According to crystal therapy the health benefits of aquamarine include treating swollen glands, improving vision, maintaining healthy teeth and keeping strong bones.  It is used to cure illnesses of the stomach, throat and jaw.  It can be worn for general good health and used for thyroid problems.  Aquamarine also strengthens cleansing organs and calms the overreaction of the immune system  (autoimmune diseases).  This is a great stone for the mind and for good mental health.  It clarifies perception, sharpens intellect and makes for a healthier brain. On an emotional level it soothes fears, calms the mind, clears confusion, increases sensitivity and sharpens intuition.  Aquamarine reduces stress, harmonizes surroundings and is one of the gem elixirs in the Balanced Energy Vibrational Essence blend “Path of no Resistance”. This blend brings in the Balanced Energy of the Water Element which, according to Five Element Theory, rules the kidneys, bladder, bones and the attributes of courage, energy and emotional balance.

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