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By Angela Van Trijp, Balanced Energy Health Consultant

For many decades health professionals have used Infrared lamps to treat muscle and joint problems. Studies have shown that infrared light therapy assists with reduction of inflammation and soreness through direct action on the free nerve endings.

Safer detoxification  in Infrared Saunas

The use of lower operating temperatures individually set for each treatment leads to better detoxification, through sweating, whilst not inflicting added stress on the body through high heat. Infrared waves work on a cellular level, promoting a deep therapeutic cleanse for the skin, muscles and internal organs.

Refine your skin

Infrared heat opens and cleanses the biggest organ of the body, the skin. Allowing the skin to breathe freely, resulting in improved texture, complexion, and tone.  Skin issues heal quicker due to the stimulation of the circulation and lymphatic systems.

Increase blood and lymphatic circulation

Stimulating the blood and lymphatic systems of the body helps improve the oxygen content in the blood. Improved circulation may prevent illnesses in their early stages such as high cholesterol and blood pressure problems.

Improve your immune system

A strong immune system is essential for survival. If you have good immunity, you will not become ill often, you will enjoy life with lots of energy and most likely live longer. Regular Infrared treatments have been trialed and proven to boost the immune system and function.

Treat cellulite and lose weight

Many health and beauty clinics apply infrared heat to successfully reduce cellulite. A half hour session in an Infra Red Sauna is equivalent to a noe hour workout calorie burn!

Overall you will benefit from increased energy, improved immune system, have better circulation and lymph flow allowing your body to detox from daily toxins, improve skin tone, texture and health.

Infrared can benefit almost everyone.

Here at Balanced Energy we have a two person F.A.R. Infrared Sauna that has benefited many happy clients. With each session we offer a warm or cool body splash with essential oils and essences to refresh you afterwards and help relax you with soothing music or bird songs during the session.

Balanced Energy is an agent for Mag Med Physiotherm F.I.R Infrared Saunas so that you can own your own sauna and continue the therapeutic benefits at home if you wish. These saunas (like all the products we stock) are proven to be high quality, come in various sizes and are easy to install, needing only an ordinary electric power point to power them.

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