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Angela Van Trijp, BE Aromatherapy Consultant

The essentail oil of Coriander is one of my favourites, it’s warm, herbaceous scent seems to fill the room and uplift the spirit. 

Often known as Chinese Parsley it is a digestive tonic useful for poor appetite, indigestion, flatulence or over indulging in fatty foods. 

Coriander has the ability to circulate Qi-energy in the stomach and intestines and has been proven to lower insulin and glucose levels while supporting the pancreas.

Coriander helps with muscle pains, cramps and, along with its estrogen-like composition, it can help with pain during menstruation for woman.

I have seen the benefits for myself when over indulging on food around Christmas last year, I blended 5 drops Coriander to 5ml Carrier oil (Apricot kernel oil) and rubbed it in circular motion on my upset stomach. Within minutes the powerful properties started to work and I was pain free.

A must have for any natural health enthusiast.

At Balanced Energy we use the essential oil of Coriander with Lavender and Eucalyptus in our Water Element blend “Path of No Resistance”.

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