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Yoga is a fantastic way to warm up and energise your body for winter and has the following beneficial effects:

Improved circulation and oxygenation of the blood, good flexibility, mobility and balance, toning of the muscles, toning of the digestive organs, increased lung capacity, balancing the hormones, burning calories, lymphatic drainage, Yoga is anti-aging, stimulates the immune system, and increases mental clarity and focus.

Yoga can also be very beneficial for recovery after injury and other specific health problems. A Balanced Energy Yoga teacher can create a safe, one on one programme specifically for your rehabilitation and healing.

Did you know that overdoing exercise and putting the body under stress, such as running a marathon, actually lowers your immunity? There is no danger of this with Yoga, however, as a good Yoga session consists of a careful balance of cardio, toning, weight bearing and stretching exercise combined with physical and mental relaxation and full, deep breath. In this way the body can benefit properly from the oxygenation of the blood which happens during a class. Yoga can be done by a person with any level of fitness and the philosophy of this practice encourages people to become more aware of their personal, physical boundaries, preventing unnecessary injury through better body- mind connection.

Yoga is also an ongoing system of personal development which carries a vast background knowledge built up over the thousands of years that it has been practiced so it always offers something new to keep you interested and a more challenging level to move onto.

Yoga classes are on Wed/ Thurs/ Fri/ Sat at the Balanced Energy Studio

5 week beginners course starting Friday 5th August 10am -11am $60 click here to contact us and sign up for this class

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