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A Delicate Balance

Balanced Energy is based on Whangaparaoa Peninsula, a small peninsula just north of Auckland, New Zealand (Aotearoa). Whangaparaoa is a Maori word meaning “little whale bay” and whales and dolphins are a regular part of our lives here. The climate is sub-tropical.

Balanced Energy products are made on our organic land in Whangaparaoa and at other special locations around New Zealand; some of our ingredients which we cannot source in New Zealand are imported.

Whangaparaoa a perfect place to make our products due to the clean and unpolluted atmosphere. No smog, very little electro-smog, which is important for creating a pure energy medicine.

Our water supply is clear sweet spring water from a deep underground aquifer.

Balanced Energy has a very strict recycling policy we recycle all our glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, plastic bags, green waste, cans, oil and scrap metal, batteries and e- waste. Anything reusable is either sold or given to charity.

Ethics and sustainability in business, with regards to the environment and in our relationships are extremely important to Balanced Energy. We aim to deliver a high quality product that is ethically made from local, organic or sustainably produced materials, with recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

As we believe that everything is interconnected, Balanced Energy operates to a high ethical and sustainable standard throughout our business practices from supplier to consumer. Honesty and transparency in our interactions with colleagues and clients are foremost. We believe that business transactions need to benefit both parties to be sustainable. For this reason we do not have credit accounts with our suppliers or give our customers credit, this avoids the stress of built up debt, helps us all to have healthy cash flow and ensures our stockists order our products in small amounts only when they need to keeping these fresher.

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