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My recent medical history has included heart fibrillation, depression, panic attacks, osteoarthritis and a worsening injury. It became necessary to have an operation for a knee joint replacement. During the post-operative period the heart problem became much worse and after a specialist investigation it was found that there was no heart disease and it would be a case of living with the condition.

Then I found Henri.

After only two sessions which included… psychological assessment, natural medication, healing and suggested breathing exercises and meditation, my state of health began to improve. My knee operation was a success and has now settled down. The most startling results…are that the osteoarthritis has virtually disappeared after suffering for thirty years and, most important, my heart has settled down and I now have a much more positive approach to everything. My appreciation of the work that Henri practices is boundless and I would recommend his services to anyone, particularly those who are seeking alternative treatments.
R Newcombe, Client, Auckland, NZ

The surge of energy – well I was feeling good all day – normally I feel like a sleep in the afternoon, but I didn’t yesterday…I thought “I feel like going for a run”. This hasn’t happened in probably 2 years – I haven’t felt like doing anything motivated at all.
So today I DID go for a run with the dog – on the beach – for around 45 mins – and it felt great. So, I’m very happy. And my partner has mentioned “you’re a lot nicer” haha.

I had some emotional moments before sleep – just some tears…I thought to myself I think I’ve grieved all those years for the woman I could have been. But then I remembered back on the massage bed/energy bed – letting it go. And it was ok. I had a few tears but I smiled and thought well I’m glad for the woman I am now.
Thanks so much Henri – you’ve made a big difference in my life- J Auckland

To whom it may concern,
I had the pleasure of knowing Henri Venturini for 5 years now. Henri is intuitive, and has a great capacity and subtle innate ability to connect with people he works with.

Henri is an excellent healer, who is compassionate and caring. I have highly benefited from not just his effective techniques but also from the kindness he projected. Thank you Henri, and I am grateful.
Sincerely, Nansi Sukri, Auckland

Thank you once again for a beautiful session. I left feeling lighter, centered, grounded and very excited about that spirit we’ll bring through. Am so very grateful for you!
A, Auckland NZ

A very big thank you for the wonderful healing session that I experienced with you yesterday…I would like to book two further sessions and one for my husband.
LB Practitioner Auckland NZ

I’ve been feeling so much better within myself since seeing you and the meditation CD worked wonders. Thanks again & keep doing your wonderful work.
K Client, Auckland NZ

I just wanted to let you know my Aunty passed away early this morning-I saw her last night and had a sense she was going. I wanted to say thank you for your support and all the healing and awareness that I received around this and my relationship with her…lots of love and blessings.
KS, Client Auckland NZ


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