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Catherine Opie Dip CVM, Co founder Balanced Energy

There are many different types of fitness and weight loss programmes and we are all different, so looking at your blood type is a practical way to help you start to find something to suit your type.

Over 40 years of scientific research into blood and genetic types and their physiological and psychological differences by Dr J D’Adamo and his son, internationally renown Naturopath and author, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo have revealed startling information about the needs of each type. 

Type O- The hunter gatherer is the most ancient and stems from hunter gatherer civilisations. O’s have acid digestive systems to process a diet high in protein, leafy greens and unprocessed foods avoiding dairy and wheat. They are strong, self reliant leaders. O needs lots of exercise like running, martial arts and dancing or can become depressed and stressed. O’s immunity is strong but when under stress can suffer from blood clotting disorders, arthritis, ulcers and allergies, iron deficiency and hypo- thyroid.

Type A – Developed once we began to cultivate food, A’s are settled, visionary and analytical. Relaxing exercise like Tai Chi, Hatha Yoga or Meditation help A’s to relieve stress. A’s suit being vegetarian and are better off avoiding red meat, wheat and dairy. When under stress, typical A health problems can be heart disease, type 1 and 2 diabetes, cancer, liver and gallbladder diseases

Type B – Developed once populations moved around, B is a balanced, flexible and creative type. Healthier with mentally stimulating, moderate exercise like hiking, cycling, tennis, swimming, B’s are more able to digest wheat and dairy products but should avoid chicken, corn, peanuts and sesame. When uder stress, B’s can be prone to autoimmune diseases such as lupus, MS, type I diabetes, chronic fatigue.

Type AB – The most modern blood type, versatile and compassionate, AB has a highly tolerant immune system but when under stress can suffer from digestive sensitivity, microbial invasion, heart disease and cancer. AB benefits from calming exercise like Yoga plus moderate exercise like tennis and cycling. AB types are healthier with a diet avoiding chicken and corn

For more information on blood type or genotype specific dietary and exercise programmes or blood type testing or to contact Catherine for an appointment or advice please contact Balanced Energy Beauty Spa+Health Clinic.

If you have health problems always consult a qualified health professional before considering diet or exercise.

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