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You wouldn’t eat petrochemicals, so why would you put them on your skin? And this time I’m not talking about skin care… I’m talking about workout clothing… and just clothing in general really!

I have been having trouble finding good Yoga gear here in New Zealand. Workout clothes are mostly synthetic materials and to be quite frank the styles available are pretty boring and usually only available in black. (Which happens to be the most toxic of the toxic dyes). And it’s all made in China adding serious air miles and not a fair trade symbol in sight.

I have sensitive skin which doesn’t really like synthetic fabrics very much, so what is a girl to do?

Do not fear…. I was pleasantly surprised to find We’ar- it Yoga Clothing next door to our stand at the Healthy Living Show this last weekend. Jyoti the founder of We’ar reminded me how important it is to your health and wellbeing to put natural fibres dyed with natural non toxic dyes next to your skin rather than synthetic. ” Why would you do all those Yoga practices covered with petrochemicals?” she asked me. “Then what do you do when you are finished with them? Throw it in a landfill?” Point taken I say, thanks Jyoti for putting me back on the right track again.

We’ar clothes are really lovely designs, made from soft to the touch cotton. They are biodegradable and made in Bali by a small, family business using non toxic natural dyes (which are not boring colours I might add, they are beautifully vibrant)

I used to buy a lot of organic and sustainable clothing when I lived in Europe because it was readily available, funky, fashionable and gorgeous to wear. It’s not so easy to find here, so make sure you support an amazing, local Auckland business with heart and soul by buying some gorgeous, healthy, Yoga or fashion clothing today by going to http://www.wearyogaclothing.com . Your body and the planet will love you for it.

We’ar will be moving their central Auckland¬† shop to Waiheke Island in December this year.

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